PHPLibs is a set of php libraries that can help to easily develop a php site without relying on strict and complex frameworks. It was originaly developed to create the but it was released to the public to help anyone that does not want to learn a complete framework. You don't even need to use all the libraries together. For more information look at API reference or download them.

Skeleton Site

To make it easier for the starter an example site was created that can be downloaded and start expanding it. This is like a skeleton to start building your own site using phplibs. Skeleton site can be found at download section.
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PHPLibs 0.3 Final!

This was not a common RC path, as 4 versions were introduced and all of them were more than patch fixes. From a completely new package for authoriz...03/11/2010

PHPLibs 0.3 rc released

After heavy development a new version of phplibs has been released! As all 0.x versions they introduce major API breakage, many code clean ups and ...10/05/2010

PHPLibs 0.2 release

A new version of PHPlibs was released yesterday. This release is the first towards a complete library, new modules like "Stupid", "HTML" and many i...24/11/2009